Welcome to The Assurance Group!

We are excited to have you joining our great team. Follow these steps to get started today!

Watch the Onboarding & Contracting Overview

This overview covers all aspects of how you will onboard & contract with TAG. Details on E&O insurance, AML training, how to sign/submit carrier contracts, and reconciling outside appointments are included in the training. Taking 15 minutes to review & understand the process will save you time later!

Next Steps:

Complete Registration on the TAG Agent Portal

Navigate to https://myassureweb.com and create an account using the codes from your onboarding email (Codes are case sensitive).
The carriers you should choose in the portal are also listed in the onboarding email.

Complete TAG Agent Training

The TAG Agent Training is a “how to do business with TAG” video series which teaches everything agents need to know to be successful with TAG! Completion of TAG Agent Training is required prior to accessing the free lead program. After you have registered on the TAG Agent Portal, use the same login credentials to access TAG Agent Training.

Questions about onboarding or TAG Agent Training should be directed to your manager.
We look forward to your future success with The Assurance Group!