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Full Autonomy

Stop waiting on clients to come to you.
Make your own schedule.

Competitive Commissions

New agents regularly make $80,000 to $100,000 in their first year – PLUS build residual income!

Products with Purpose

Serve the seniors in your community by assisting with insurance and retirement options.

Leverage Your Sales Skills

We’ll help you get your insurance license and offer training to help you get started fast!

Build Your Own Team

Serve more than just your clients – recruit others to the industry and increase your earnings!

Collaborative Culture

The culture at The Assurance Group is one of partnership – when you succeed, we succeed!

As a veteran of the sales industry, Sean has experienced how grueling it can be without the right level of support. The tools and platform at The Assurance Group have allowed him to not only better serve his clients, but also grow an immensely successful team.Watch the video to hear his story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I earn as a TAG agent?
New agents at The Assurance Group have a realistic $80K-$100K first-year earning potential.  Agents who plug into the available training and support systems regularly make more in their first year than they ever did in previous careers.
What is residual income?

Agents at The Assurance Group sell some products which pay renewals every year – which means your book of business will grow into a base income year after year – before you even get out of bed.

Will I really be helping people?

The variety of products from world-class carriers offered by agents at The Assurance Group are designed to provide solutions for every senior in America, regardless of income level.  Whether you’re helping a low-income client put money back in his pocket every month or assisting a retiree with protecting her nest egg, you will be providing valuable service and care to members of your community.

Does "independent agent" mean I'm alone?

Absolutely not!  The Assurance Group offers a robust system of training and support to ensure that every agent can be successful.  From our in-house product experts to your regional office teams, you are never alone.

Darrin Shackelford

Regional Sales Director
The Assurance Group
Thomasville, NC