Commissions & Renewals
TAG has nine different commission levels allowing for compensation increases based on individual and/or team performance. TAG pays advanced commissions on nearly all products with most first-year commission advances ranging from nine (9) to twelve (12) months.

Renewal commissions are available on nearly all products and are paid according to a published commission grid. Agents earn vesting on their renewals based on the number of years they are with the company.

Promotion System
At the home office, as well as in every regional sales office, TAG proudly displays the exact formula to earn a promotion within our company. Our culture dictates that performance, integrity and quality of business, coupled with a drive to be successful, are the ingredients necessary for promotion. At TAG, the opportunity for advancement, both professional and financial, is limitless.

Rewards & Recognition
Both individual and team performance are important at TAG and our top performers are well rewarded!

  • Sales leaders receive awards monthly, quarterly and annually. Both team and individual recognition includes crystal trophies and cash awards.
  • Each year, TAG’s top performing agents and managers, along with their guests, attend an all-expense paid trip to a luxurious destination. To learn more about the current destination, as well as details on qualification, visit or go to the home page and click on “TAG Trip” under “Agent Login”.
  • TAG’s Chairman’s Club is reserved for top-performing agents and managers who meet strict sales standards each year. Agents earning Chairman’s Club status are presented a personalized gold ring symbolizing their very special accomplishment. Chairman’s Club members also receive specially-designed business cards.