TAG’s lead program for career agents is quite simply the best in the industry. Here’s why:
  • Through our partnership with Leads 2 Success, TAG offers agents exclusive leads. The experienced production team at Leads 2 Success makes sure your list is segmented and customized. And turn around is quick – in as little as five minutes. TAG agents demand only the best – and Leads 2 Success delivers.
  • New leads are exclusive to our agents and are NEVER re-sold.
  • Recycled leads (leads reconciled as “not sold”) are returned to a recycled inventory and are free of charge to TAG’s career agents.
  • No need to wait on leads. TAG maintains a lead inventory based on the agent’s geographic location. Leads are available for fulfillment Monday through Friday.
  • TAG finances the lead purchase. Agents get leads now and pay for them with a percentage of future commissions.
  • TAG subsidizes the lead purchase. In most cases, over 50% of the actual lead cost is covered by TAG. We are in the business of marketing and selling insurance products. Leads ARE NOT a profit center at TAG.
  • Leads are ordered via TAG’s proprietary e-delivery system. Through TAG’s web portal, agents receive a spreadsheet listing of the leads in addition to a PDF image of each lead.
  • With every lead, a “neighbors list” is available. There is no charge to the agent for this valuable prospecting resource.
  • Agents can supplement prospecting activity with call lists. Age-targeted, birthday targeted or income-targeted lists are available to agents free of charge.
  • FREE LEADS! Yes, free leads! Every career agent has the option to elect free final expense leads as part of TAG’s career agent lead program.
  • TAG’s lead system is designed so that managers and team leaders can approve, monitor and track leads and associated sales.
TAG combines 20 years of experience with superior technology as well as both art and science to deliver the best lead program in the industry.